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Bedruckte Taschen & Beutel

Es gibt so viele Arten von Taschen, wie es Anlässe gibt. Welche ist Ihre? Bei der großen Auswahl an Werbetaschen von print.sd-print-service.de finden Sie bestimmt die richtige!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery times related to the bags?

The delivery times for personalised bags depend on the quantity you order. You can select your preferred turnaround times, ranging from 1-2 to 6-7 business days.

How to remove a printed logo from a personalised bag

You can remove a printed logo from your personalised bag by rubbing a cotton ball with nail varnish remover over the printed logo. It will start to peel away and you will be left with a bag as good as new!

How to remove screen printing from a custom backpack

To remove screenprinting from a backpack you can use the same method mentioned above, or alternatively you can use a sugar scrub to scrape it away or melt the print away with an iron and peel it off.

How To Use Your Branded Bags

When accessed in bulk, bag printing solutions can help you to create promotional items for a range of different circumstances. For instance:

• Custom bags could replace non-biodegradable bags in your store. You can either sell them to your customers, or offer them as a free gift to loyal customers who spend a certain amount on your products.

• Printed bags could be used as part of a goodie sack given away at an event or tradeshow. Not only will this remind potential customers of your brand, but it also offers a practical way for them to carry the other things they might get at a tradeshow around with them.

• Branded bags can even be used as promotional packaging solutions, helping to raise awareness for your brand and reduce environmental waste.
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Suchen Sie etwas ganz anderes?

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